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  • Love (For My Small Business) In The Time Of Covid-19

    I am still me!!  And as much as my sweatpants and I have become BFF’s I refuse to wear them to a wedding!

  • Backstage Blog: Bankrol Hayden

    Backstage he was a funny wide-eyed kid, onstage you knew Modesto was launching a global superstar.
  • Backstage Stories: Elizabeth Taylor

    She was always nice to me, I believe it was because I wasn’t nervous, I was professional and I recognized her dog by name, Sugar.
  • Backstage Stories

    I loved working backstage, it was hurry up, wait, then showtime adrenaline!
  • 209 Magazine - Colors of Spring

    View our beautiful mother/daughter spread in 209 Magazine!
  • Neon! Time To Hightlight Your Wardrobe!

    Time to highlight your wardrobe! Neon is back from the future and making its way into your closet. Stop!  No need to reach for that can of Aqua N...
  • Taking the Plunge this year? You will need white Party dresses!

    Taking the plunge this year? If you are jumping into wedding bliss this year, you will need a few party dresses.   We are here to help! Now, it’...
  • Dress Shopping in the Boutique

    Today I want to talk about dresses In my 28 plus years as a fashion show stylist and personal stylist one of my biggest requests is dresses. Fashio...
  • Interview in The Portuguese Tribune

    This has been a dream of mine for many years and it gives me so much joy to come to work everyday.
  • The Heart Loves Red

    The Heart Loves Red   The heart is one of the strongest muscles in our body and red is one of the most powerful colors we can wear.  The color red ...
  • 2020 Pantone Color of the Year!

    I’m BLUE! Pantone Classic Blue to be exact! Fashion is cyclical and as we see trends going to traditional looks with higher necklines and longer he...