Taking the Plunge this year? You will need white Party dresses!

Taking the plunge this year?

If you are jumping into wedding bliss this year, you will need a few party dresses.  

We are here to help!

Now, it’s all about engagement parties, bridal showers, couples’ shower, bridesmaid luncheon, lingerie party, (deep breath) bachelorette party, welcome party, rehearsal dinner, reception, after party, day-after brunch…..phew, these are just a few things you may need  new outfits for.  

You need to go shopping!

Luckily we always keep a large selection of white/cream/ivory pieces.

White signifies light, goodness, innocence, perfection, as well as heavenly, safety, beginnings and cleanliness.  All can easily be attributed to your new life as a married person with the exception of cleanliness, it takes serious spidey-reflexes to stay clean when someone is trying to shove cake in your face.  Nonetheless, there is a shade of clean white that can compliment any skin tone.  

These days, a white dress is a wise investment and staple in your closet so don’t feel like you’ll regret the expense after the I-do’s hoopla.  A change of shoes and/or a change of accessories can make a basic piece new again and again.  Last year I was invited to three parties that encouraged wearing white. That’s three parties I had to be on my best behavior so I didn’t look like a slob (maybe that was the point) nonetheless, I have gladly expanded my personal white wardrobe to accommodate this trend.  

My own wedding dress is part of my party closet now.  I decided to go with something versatile that I could wear again and no one seems to chastise me for being frugal.  Don’t worry, I made sure my shoes and I made a memorable entrance to my new beginning, and my white dress and I have been galavanting from party to party ever since.  

So go ahead, invest in a white dress and it will live happily ever after in your wardrobe.  

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