Neon! Time To Hightlight Your Wardrobe!

Time to highlight your wardrobe!

Neon is back from the future and making its way into your closet.

Stop!  No need to reach for that can of Aqua Net hairspray (for those of you who lived through the 80’s.)  Just because we see those Dynasty shoulder pads, puffy sleeves and cinched waists here-and-there doesn’t mean we need to glam-rock it all at once.  I mean, like, gag me with a spoon, just a fun neon bag or a playful bright shoe will energize any outfit.

Valentino just sent neon pieces, including full length gowns, down the 2020 Spring runway so there would be no need for a black light to spot your designer duds.  Unlike those mullet punk years the look now is softer and ethereal.  It’s a celebration of coming through dark times and appreciating life as we know it, in vibrant color.  

You will feel empowered in these unmuted hues.  These new refined styles allow you to wear a confident glow, rather than the neon glow wearing you.  

I pity the fool who doesn’t resurrect this luminous trend, so don’t worry, be happy and brighten your style!


  • Thank you, Liliana, your words are very soothing during these dark times. Reading your words and shopping on your website has brought “color” into my life and brightened my day. I love “retail therapy” on your website. It makes me feel good and hopeful for future outings. You are truly a “Fashion Therapist”, your knowledge and guidance has inspired confidence in me to venture out of my comfort zone with items that are within my budget, flatter my figure and make a statement. Thank you. In this era of “customer service, what does that mean?” Your caring, personalized service is very refreshing. Miana

  • Love it! You connect well with those of us who lived through the 80’s!! You inspired me to resurrect the Neon!! Brighten up my life is my new motto!!


    Maxine Sousa-Correia

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