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Backstage Stories

Backstage Stories

I have had the pleasure of working in the fashion industry for over three decades as a fashion show producer, event coordinator, stylist, host, executive and boutique owner, just to name a few of the hats I’ve worn.  During this time I've worked with some very talented and creative people including many celebrities.  The funny thing is, I had a policy of not taking pictures with some of them as to keep our relationship professional.  This of course was before the selfie era and social media, nonetheless, I do wish I had more tangible evidence from those events because they were fabulous!  I do have some shots, many with my awesome crew and I have endless backstage stories.  I loved working backstage, it was hurry up, wait, then showtime adrenaline!  The shows were crazy fun, a mix of fashion, rock concert, Cirque du Soleil, dance, and sometimes a hint of naughty.  Backstage is a world of its own creative talent, lighting, visual tech, sound, choreography, hair, makeup, stylists, stage crew and models.  Everyone is very up close and personal through weeks of fittings, rehearsals and shows.  It's a family of organized chaos.

So I am starting a weekly segment called: Backstage Stories.  These stories will be about some of my favorite fashion events that I ‘ve worked on, nothing scandalous but maybe a glimpse into this world and maybe some surprises!  I hope you enjoy it.

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